Monday, October 21, 2013

The Weekend RV Rental

That's right. You heard me. We rented an RV a few weekends ago. Not just any RV - we went all in with the Cruise America RV! I crap you negative. Billboard on the side and all. To complete the rental, we had to sit through a 20 minute video - and it took over an hour to review everything and sign paperwork. For crying out loud. I was ticked as Paige scattered every brochure in the rental office and tried to climb on the chairs and on top of the gumball machine.

How did we get ourselves into this, you ask? Well, we have friends who own an RV and they use it often in the summer. In the fall they go to La Crosse, WI for the weekend. My Dad is from that area; I know it well. So I figured, why not just go for it? Afterall, when in Rome...    Plus it's Apple Fest in neighboring La Crescent, MN (my Dad's hometown), ah' course, don't cha' know, darn tootin', complete with a 5k and parade. Who would want to miss that for cry pete? Nobody! That's who! This also means we can stop in at Bauer's and get a huge supply of fancy apples.

So here we are. And there we were. Livin' the dream. Ahhh geez.

It really is a beautiful area in the fall. Regardless of this picturesque fact, Paige didn't sleep well, which meant I didn't sleep well. Parker thought the entire weekend was the bomb diggity (translation: "the best vacation EVER!"). Eric was mad he wasn't at home watching football. I was just happy that we were able to stop in and see my Grandpa's neighbor, "Linda the Lady Next Door" as we like to call her.

The highlight for us was finding a small brewery to stop into called Pearl Street Brewery located inside an old rubber factory in La Crosse. It was just like Colorado to us with the ability to meet the owners and taste all the beers. I highly recommend stopping in if you're ever in the area. Super yummy beers, plus you get complimentary pretzels and spiced mustard. Bonus.

In summary though, the 4 hour drive up and back each way was a little rough in the RV - and Paige barfed all over the darn floor of the thing from being car sick. Fun times. We stopped at a rest area to clean it up only to witness a truck driver taking a whizz in between his cab and truck. Classy.

Also, the cost was absolutely RIDICULOUS for a weekend trip - over $800 for the rental and gas alone. Totally not worth it. Plus it took me over 2 hours to clean out the darn thing on a Sunday night when we returned, including scraping all the bugs off the front (required) - I had to use a ladder to get that high. Next time, we'll tent it! GEEZ.

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  1. What a fun memory though! I did laugh out loud (literally) at the part where Paige barfed all over the floor. Not because it is really all that funny, but just to know that I'm not alone in the crazy parenting adventures!! I love visiting the LaCrosse area. It is so pretty in the fall, so slightly jealous of that. Paige is darling.... love seeing how big she is getting.


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